New Delhi: A new low is set in solar tariff, Rs.1.99 per kW(unit) this is the all-time low of solar power tariff. We’ve already seen a previous low of Rs.2 per kW a few months back in a SECI auction. Solar auctions not stopping to amaze us. 

In an auction for 500MW projects by GUVNL, last week witnessed this lowest tariff record. Saudi Arabian firm Al Jomaih Energy and Water Co (80MW) consecutively bid the lowest tariff, NTPC (200MW), Torrent Power (100MW), and Aditya Birla Renewable (120) also aligned in this low tariff track.


Under the SECI auction, the NTPC quoted a price of Rs 2.01 per unit for 600 MW capacity.

However, the NTPC got the balance amount of 470 MW even as it had bid for 600 MW because it was the L2 (second lowest) in the auction.

In July this year, solar power tariffs had dropped to a low of Rs 2.36 per unit in an auction of 2GW capacities by SECI.

Source:- Economic Times