Bettiah District of Bihar is considered a center for energy, learning, and culture.

The flour milling business is evident in every city in the country, where diesel engines and state-run electricity operate the mill. With the rising cost of electricity, many flour makers have to deal with problems. And one of them is the owner of the Bettiah mill.

A solar panel is a solution to all their problems. Loom Solar Company told them how it works and how they could benefit comparison previous electricity bills.

The solar panel generates DC electricity from the sun, and with the help of VFD, this electricity and converted into AC electricity. Solar panels are installing in a place where sunlight comes all day. The solar panel installation is securely fastened to the panel table and delivered to the MCB distribution box with the help of a solar cable. In two parts of 17 Solar panel series connections to make.

Installation of Loom Solar Company’s Solar Panel enabled the flour mill to use 10HP and 1HP AC motors, 3phase which operates the flour mill and sawdust mill. It can work for 6 hours on a solar panel. Thanks, installing the Loom Solar Monocrystalline Solar Panel can work in cloudy and dark areas.

The need to install a solar panel for flour mills-

  • Vehicles: 10 HP 3 Phase Motor & 3 HP 3 Phase Motor
  • How many solar watts: 34* 390Watt Solar Panel
  • Manufacturer: LOOM SOLAR
  • Solar Panel Type: Mono PERC solar panel
  • Installation Area: Tin Shade
  • Connection Diagram: Connection Series (17 Solar Panels)
  • Controller: 20 HP VFD, 3 Phase
  • Switch: Convert Grid to Solar / Solar to Grid